Sunday, March 6, 2016

Thank You Mr Manning

I say this every time, so lets just get it out of the way:

1) It's been awhile
2) I'm the worst blogger in the world
3) I'm busy, please forgive me

There will be pictures at the end, so feel free to just scroll to the bottom if that is why you're here, because this post actually has nothing to do with the kids ;-)

In light of Peyton Manning announcing his retirement tomorrow, I felt this was a good time and forum to get all these "feelings" off my chest.

I wrote this little thought/note to myself on Oct 19, 2014.  I couldn't remember what happened that day to make me have the feels to write this, but a quick google search brought up the fact it was the day Peyton Manning broke Bret Favre's touchdown record.

This brings me to my point - This little blog post is mainly about Peyton Manning, the man, player, and role model, written by a fan and mother.  I'm not a writer (and if we are being honest, I'm terrible at English/grammar/spelling in general) so I don't really have the right words to express all the 'feels' going on inside me.  Like everyone else, I am feeling a variety of emotions ranging from sadness to pride...but let's not get too carried away on that tangent

Here's the note I wrote to myself:


Watching Peyton Manning tonight, along with getting an email update from Zachary's teacher, got me thinking a lot about my kids. Mostly their growth from helpless, perfect, newborns to tiny little humans. I see so much in each of them, that I am literally moved to tears thinking about who they are, as people. 

Peyton Manning was a child once, and he's still someone son. How proud I am of him as a fan, doesn't even scratch the surface of how proud his parents are of him. 

I got upset with myself tonight thinking about how I don't celebrate my kids accomplishments and hard work enough. 

Seeing Zach's school blog, seeing how much he does in a week at school.  Seeing how much joy is on his face in those pictures, makes me proud of how far he has come in the last few months/years. 

Walking home from school with Braden everyday, talking about his writing work, what books he is reading, how he is working on math equations before and after school everyday, makes me so proud of how smart he is. 

Spending every waking moment with Chase, watching him start to realize what language is. Hearing him learn new words, and using sign language to communicate wants and needs. 

They all move me to tears thinking about, and proud doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about them and their accomplishments, learning and growth everyday. 

I'm not in any way saying my kids are exceptionally smart or gifted. But I am just so proud of every little thing they do, and I think that maybe sometimes I don't show them or tell them that enough. Even watching them sleep makes me proud of them!!! 

It also makes me feel like I am not doing enough with and for them. I see it like this: if they are able to do this much with the resources they are given now (school, the work we do together, etc) I need to keep pushing myself to push them more, teach them more, and work with them THAT. MUCH. MORE! So that they become even better and stronger tiny humans! 

These little people are capable of so much greatness. They have the potential to one day break records that haven't even been set yet. I need to do everything in my power to set them up for those successes in life.  My value as their mother is to not just prepare them for life, it's to provide them with everything I possibly can to prepare them for a SUCCESSFUL life.  

Today that means teaching Zachary how to put on his shoes by himself and zip a zipper.  Teaching Braden how to put spaces in his writing, when to use a capital, and remembering to place a period at the end of every sentence/thought. Teaching Chase how to hold and scribble with a crayon (and not eat it). 

I don't know what tomorrow's lessons will hold. But I know I need to do more for each of them,everyday.  and take the moments each day where it's just easier for me do things myself (because we are in a hurry, and need to go now) and teach them how to do it better themselves, than I could ever do for them. I won't be around forever, and I know these kids are capable of so much more than I push them to be.  

They are each destined for greatness.


The moral of this sappy little message and post is this; 

Thank you Sheriff, you not only made Sunday's more enjoyable these last 4 years, you have done so much more for me and my life, things that words can't even explain.  I know that we will continue to see you, and you will still hold a large role in football and the NFL (and great TV commercials).  I am happy because I will still get to feel like you are a part of my life, and that my kids will still know who you are in a few years and can have you as a role model.  I hope as you ride off into that beautiful Colorado sunset you have no regrets, and you are as proud of your accomplishments as all of us are.

Now.....for those pictures I promised (in no order and not captioned because a) that's how they were uploaded and b) you're lucky you got a post out of me...with pictures, let's not get too picky and ask for captions too): 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So it's been a while

For some reason I feel like I have used that title before in a post.  Paul's been giving me a hard time lately saying I need to write a blog post, so here it is....

We are all alive and well.

The boys head back to school in 2 weeks, so I will try to get a couple nice long posts giving everyone the cliff-notes version of life since last Halloween.  If I remember correctly I never even finished writing about our move to Dallas LAST YEAR!

World's best blogger right here!

If you really missed us that much, how about just giving us a call (or text) and follow Paul and I on Social media!  I think all my accounts are linked on the right ------------->

In the meantime, I just created a quick shutterfly website.  If you think I have been slacking off in the blogging department, I have really been slacking off in the photo-book department.

This link will take you to the site where you can view/purchase any of the photobooks I have made over the years.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Halloween

We hope that everyone had a fun and safe Halloween weekend!  Enjoy the photos, and candy ;-)